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1Deities Empty Deities on Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:41 pm

It has been the nature of mortals to tell stories since the days of their creation. The most common topics, with the possible exception of tales of love, are stories about the deities. Mortals have always personified their gods, attributing to their forms that are similar to their own. Even the most unusual of deities is described in a way that relates easily to the humanoid form.

As Scholars of the Planes, our research has brought us in contact with tales of these beings. Many of these tales share a theme and specific elements in common. We have created a list of the deities and described them using these common elements and themes.

It is however, important to note that there were also tales that varied wildly from the norm. While it was important for this particular work that we cast aside these variant tales, they should not be ignored entirely. Mortals of Ventus have had direct contact with a few beings that appeared to be deities. Each of these creatures has, from what we understand, been very similar to the common description attributed to that god. But those experiences have been limited in nature and may not be representative of the whole.

As observers of the nature of mortal worship, we have come to wonder about the nature of these deities. Are we made in their image, or do we create their appearances based on our needs?

The goal of the following text is simply to describe the commonly accepted attributes of the beings we worship. Hopefully this will provide a foundation for discussion of any deeper truths about the deities, rather than a statement of fact about creatures we may never be able to fully understand.

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" - Hassan-i Sabbah
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Bertoxxulous - The Plaguebringer
Bertoxxulous has no allies. His followers often practice the dark art of necromancy. Which he wholeheartedly supports. The Plaguebringer appears as a humanoid hunchback draped in tattered, decaying robes. Under his hood can be seen a very handsome face attached to the body of a rotting corpse. He is enemies with Tunare, Rodcet Nife, Karana, Mithaniel Matrimonium and Rallos Zek. He rules the Plane of Disease, which is dark and drippy with geysers of ooze and rivers of pus. The land itself looks, feels and even smells like decaying flesh, and is inhabited by all manner of evil creatures and undead.

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Brell Serius - The Duke of Below
Brell is allied with Fizzlethrope Bristlebane, and is an enemy of Veechan's. Followers of the Duke of Below find true happiness in the caves, caverns and tunnels that permeate the belly of Ventus, but this is one of few points upon which all followers of Brell. The Runny Eye Clan of goblins claim he is their father, much to the disgust of the dwarves of Kaladim who are certain that only the dwarves are the true children of Serius. The vicious gnolls of Split Paw disagree entirely, for was it not Brell who sculpted them out of the Sacred Clay of Cosglove? Followers of Brell Serius, in one form or another, can be found nearly anywhere you enter the Underfoot of Ventus.

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Bristlebane - The King of Thieves
Followers of Bristlebane believe in having fun. At the expense of nearly all else. Bards, rogues, jesters, gamblers, and gypsies are all typical followers. They are almost always very charming, clever and witty, traits which all Bristlebane followers should strive to have. Mischief in all its forms is encouraged. Practical jokes are performed as if they are the highest of rituals. Very few of Bristlebane's followers are outright wicked in their desires, but it is best to keep at least one eye on your purse if they are about. And never let one deal you a hand of King's Court.

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Cazic-Thule - The Faceless
Cazic-Thule is allied with Rallos Zek and Innoruuk, and is the enemy of Mithaniel and Erollisi Matrimonium. Followers of the Faceless fear their Lord and believe that only by causing terror in others will they be spared his vengeful wrath. Fear rules their lives and through fear they rule the lives of others. Pain, misery, violence, torture, living sacrifice - these are the tools of a Cazicite. Many lizardman tribes are devout followers of Cazic-Thule, but his number of humanoid followers grows daily, a cold shadow slowly engulfing the bright spots of Ventus in a nightmare of horror and pain.

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E'ci - The Wintry Guardian
E'ci, known as the Wintry Guardian in mortal tongues, is the second member of the Triumvirate of Water. The goddess embodies the material form and essence of ice, the solid matter of the planes she helps govern. This entity is rumored to hold great control over her portion of the realm, perhaps nearly to the point of tyranny if one can believe the fantastical tales of the gods of Influence and Nature. The tales of her devotion to the balance of her realm against the other elemental powers have fostered a lingering, fearful respect for the goddess within the hearts of the lesser pantheon.

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Erollisi Matrimonium - The Queen of Love
This sister of Mithaniel and daughter of Tarew is allied with Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, Mithaniel Matrimonium, Rodcet Nife, Tunare and Quellious. Her enemies are Innoruuk, Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek and Bertoxxulous. Followers of Erollisi Matrimonium, the Queen of Love, cling to the belief that love conquers all. It should be pointed out that while love is a generally peaceful concept, Erollisi worshippers are not pacifists. They would like to live in a world where everyone loves everyone else and violence does not exist, but they are not naive enough to think that Ventus is that world. They are passionately devoted to people, places and ideas and are more than willing to fight and die to preserve those things. The dream of every follower of Erollisi is to die in the selfless defense of someone or something they love. Many paladins hear the true calling of their hearts and follow Erollisi Matrimonium.

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Ferulo Ro - The Tyrant of Fire
Ferulo Ro is the being who rules the greater elemental Plane of Fire, from which he derives his title, the Tyrant of Fire. Ferulo manifests himself as a large male humanoid with barbaric features including a beard of flame, glowering red eyes, pointed ears and fangs. Although he has been known to be a fanatic in terms of preserving the element of fire, displaying a short temper toward that preservation and any who would dare to threaten it, Ferulo Ro retains a strong influence on the wheel of Order and Discord.

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Innoruuk - The Prince of Hate
Innoruuk is allied with Rallos Zek and Cazic-Thule, and is the enemy of Quellious, Mithaniel Matrimonium, and Erollisi Matrimonium. Followers of Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate, include nearly the entire dark elven race, who regard him as their "Father." They believe that hate is a creative force, or rather "THE" creative force in the universe - creativity born of destruction. Love and kindness are tools for those too ignorant to know what they want or too cowardly to do what is necessary to obtain it. They believe that it is only through the total disdain of your enemies that you can gain true power over them. Pity and mercy have no power when confronted with contempt and viciousness. It is the honest belief of the followers of Innoruuk that if they were to hate strongly enough, they could destroy all of Ventus.

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Karana - The Rain Keeper
Karana is allied with Tunare and Mithaniel Matrimonium. Bertoxxulous is his enemy. Followers of Karana, the Rainkeeper, believe in the absolute power of storms. They worship the life-giving power of the rain and respect the destructive force of a sandstorm or hurricane. Typical followers of Karana are rural humanoids - farmers, ranchers, hunters and the like. They will often offer strangers shelter from the elements. Many of Karana's followers live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling where the winds take them. They are humble, generous people who value strength and honesty and brook no disrespect of Karana or his work, for they know it is only through his wisdom and kindness that all of Ventus is not consumed in an eternal tempest.

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Mithaniel Matrimonium - The Truthbringer
Mithaniel Matrimonium, the Truthbringer, governs the Plane of Valor. Mithaniel is the ultimate paladin who wears a full suit of shining silver plate armor and wields a glowing longsword. Mithaniel Matrimonium, who owes his existence to Tarew Matrimonium, leader of the Triumvirate of Water, is allied with Erollisi Matrimonium and Karana. He counts Innoruuk, Cazic-Thule and Bertoxxulous among his enemies. He has a friendly rivalry with Solutio Ro.

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Povar - The Veiled One
Povar, or The Veiled One, is the third member of the Triumvirate of Water. Povar is the conscious essence of water in its vaporous state and controls a third of the Elemental Plane. Being neither male nor female in form, neither tangible nor incorporeal, this divine entity holds the greatest mystery of the Triumvirate. Keeping attentions focused upon the realm they assist to govern, Povar gives neither care nor notice to the wheel of Nature and Influence. This member of Triumvirate has given no recorded notion or action beyond its own realm and the greater wheel of Elemental Powers.

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Prexus - The Ocean Lord
Prexus, the Ocean Lord, is allied with Rodcet Nife and is enemy to Bertoxxulous. Followers of Prexus believe that true power lies in the vast depths of Ventus' oceans. They believe that eons ago life first formed in the murky deep, and that one day the oceans will rise again to consume those who are unworthy and embrace the faithful. The Oceanlord's servants tend to live and work near, on, or beneath large bodies of water. They seek to spread the word of Prexus to all who will hear and defend the oceans and seas of Ventus against any who would cause them harm. Many sailors and fishermen are followers of Prexus.

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Quellious - The Tranquil
This peaceful child-goddess is allied with Rodcet Nife and Erollisi Matrimonium, and a enemy of Rallos Zek and Innoruuk. Followers of Quellious the Tranquil seek peace. They are not strict pacifists, though, and will fight to defend all there is to know about themselves and the world around them. They thirst for knowledge of their true selves and strive to help others attain enlightenment. It is through the sharing of this knowledge that they believe universal peace can be obtained. If every creature fully understood itself and its neighbors there would be no need for conflict and war. Followers of Quellious often follow a nomadic lifestyle, constantly seeking what there is to know and hoping to find themselves along the way.

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Rallos Zek - The Warlord
Rallos Zek is allied with Innoruuk and Cazic-Thule, enemy to Quellious and Bertoxxulous. The followers of Rallos Zek, the Warlord, believe in survival of the strong and death to the weak. The heart of a true follower of Zek yearns for strength, courage, but above all else victory. They believe that the heat of battle is the only place and time where enlightenment can be gained - that the universe was formed by conflict and in conflict it will end, with the victors feasting upon the remains of their fallen enemy. No respect or regard is given to the dead, for if they were worthy their hearts would still pump blood through their veins and not upon the soil of Ventus. The followers of Zek are almost exclusively warriors.

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Rodcet Nife - The Prime Healer
Rodcet Nife is allied with Karana, Quellious, Erollisi Matrimonium and Prexus, and his only enemy is Bertoxxulous. Followers of the Prime Healer take a solemn oath to fight disease and death until on or the other finally claims them. They are very generous and humble, asking little more than that the recipients of their aid pass the kindness on to another. They are not content to deal with the effects of disease and death after they occur and vigorously seek to destroy the sources of these evils. Healers and mystics are typical followers but many noble rangers and paladins also have also taken the Nife Oath. They believe that, through faith in the Prime Healer, the wounded heart of the universe shall one day be mended and death's dark shadow will never be seen again.

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Solutio Ro - The Burning Prince
The Plane of Flame is ruled by Solutio Ro, the Burning Prince. His father, Ferulo Ro is the Tyrant of Fire who rules the greater elemental Plane of Fire from which the Plane of Flame derives its power. Solutio wears a suit of golden ring mail and a crown of flame, and wields a spear of fire. He is allied with no one, enemies with no one. He has a friendly rivalry with Mithaniel Matrimonium.

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Tarew Matrimonium - The Fathom Lord, Ruler of the Triumvirate of Water
The Fathom Lord or, as he is known in the divine tongue of Influence and Nature, Tarew Matrimonium, is the first member of the Triumvirate of Water. He is the sole lord and commander of the plane's most abundant form of the element. The people of Ventus know little of him, and his relationship to Mithaniel and Erollisi Matrimonium is a source of constant debate amongst their followers. He is believed to have given them physical form and intelligence to the influence of Love and Valor in the personages of Erollisi and Mithaniel Matrimonium, respectively, and given them power over their namesake planes.

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Atrox-Thule - The Dream Scorcher
Atrox-Thule is known as the Dream Scorcher or the Nightmare, for her effect on the sleep of dreamers. She rules the demi-plane of Nightmares and delights in torturing the innocent as they rest. She is tall, well over six feet in height, skeletally thin. Her skin is pale with hints of gray. Long, black fingernails extend from her bony hands, to match her slinky gown. Her face is smooth - no features mar its sleek surface other than two empty black eye sockets. Long black hair flows back from two massive brass horns at her temples.

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This being of ultimate power has no name and is unknown to most of Ventus. It has no image in which to create others, nor does it have a personality as even deities would. It is simply a driving force which causes universes to exist - or not to exist, at its own whim.

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Quinymo - The Council
Quinymo is a council of twelve beings that rule over the Plane of Earth. Each member of the Council maintains an identical presence of grass-green hair and earthen skin with veins of gold and turquoise. The Council is an extension of the plane itself. Thus, if one member is cut down another will shortly rise to take its place. The Council of Earth is the only power of the Planes of Order to have looked down upon the material realm with interest, but remain truly neutral in their dealings with the lesser pantheon.

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The Tribunal - The Council of Justice
The Plane of Justice is ruled by a council of six beings known as The Tribunal. The members of the Tribunal wear dark, hooded cloaks and masks and each carries a large war hammer. The plane itself is inhabited only by beings imprisoned here by the Tribunal for crimes against the universe and by the golems the Tribunal has constructed to serve as guards. They are allied with no one, enemy with no one.

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Tunare - The Mother of All
Allied with Karana, Erollisi Matrimonium and Rodcet Nife, and enemies with Bertoxxulous, Tunare, the Mother of All, rules the Plane of Growth.Tunare appears as a very attractive older humanoid female wearing flowing robes and a crown of vines and leaves. Tunare is very protective of what she considers to be one of Her finest achievements, the good elf races of Ventus. As part of an agreement with Brell Serius and Prexus and in response to the arrogance of Veeshan in claiming Ventus for her own, Tunare created the High Elves and the wood elves of Ventus.

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Veeshan - The Mother of all Wurms
Veeshan is the great crystalline dragon who rules the Plane of Sky. She needs no allies but considers Brell Serius an enemy. Veeshan is known as the Mother of All Wurms and this title includes all of dragonkind such as the drakes and wyverns. When the universe was young, Veeshan traveled throughout the cosmos depositing Her children on worlds She deemed worthy. She would then strike the planet with Her massive claws so that the other deities would know She had laid claim to that world. The continent of Velius on Ventus bears Her mark, known as the Scars of Veeshan.

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Xegony - The Queen of Air
The Plane of Air is ruled by Xegony, the Queen of Air, a beautiful, young-looking, elfin female humanoid with angel-like wings. Amongst the greater elemental powers, her angelic manner and appearance grant her the greatest regard, for she is the most delicate and benevolent in her ways. She is also the greatest mystery to the lesser pantheon, never having turned her attentions from the greater wheel of the true elements.

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