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It is commonly believed that there is a sort of stratification among the gods. Some are considered full-fledged gods, while others are considered sub-deities. There seems to be a unique reasons for each of these being lesser than the others. However, a common theme seems to be the nature of these things, it is unclear if the deity is 'master' of such a plane (often called a demi-plane or sub-plane) because it isn't powerful enough to control another plane, or if the plane is a lesser plane only because of the nature of the deity that rules there.

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Ayonae Ro - The Maestra
Created at the whim of the demi-goddess Druzzil Ro for the purpose of creating music to soothe the soul, Ayonae Ro grew to develop powers and a distinct personality of her own. Druzzil sacrificed a small portion of her own place to create a new realm to be dominated by Ayonae Ro, the demi-Plane of Music. Ayonae can not only cause others to become caught up in her music to the point of feeling the emotions therein, she is able to mold and shape the very realm in which she lives, much as her mother does with her own magical skills.

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Druzzil Ro - The Matron of the Art
Druzzil has white hair which is held back from her face by a massive platinum crown with a single white gem that blazes like a brilliant white star upon her brow. She is tall, youthful in appearance, with a resemblance to Erudite in skin and body structure. The demi-Plane of Magic became the home of the goddess of magic. In its natural state, it is an infinitely expansive plane of perfect white and unblemished marble under a gray and featureless sky, though one would likely never glimpse her plane in such a state. Through the will of Druzzil Ro, her home takes the shape, form and features that reflect her current mood. Her plane is simply a canvas for her art.

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Luclin - The Maiden of Shadows
Luclin, the Maiden of Shadows rules the Plane of Shadow. She is short of stature, about 4'9" tall, and sleek and thin with an elfin body structure. Her short hair is deep gray with long side locks down to her stomach. Her silver eyes have no pupils and her skin is solid black. She wears black and gray robes, and a shadowy mist perpetually swirls around her feet. In one hand she bears a massive silver and platinum staff carved in the shape of two tendrils wrapping around one another to form two humanoid hands at the top. Floating just above the cupped palms of the hands is a small black orb whose surface has an iridescent sheen similar to that of oil.

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Veneficus-Thule - The Lord of Dreams
Veneficus-Thule, the Lord of Dreams, rules the demi-Plane of Dreams where he is responsible for the rich texture of sleep visions. He creates, animates and thoroughly enjoys the creatures who romp in his realm. He is nearly seven feet tall, well built and has handsome, youthful features. His body is that of a pure white centaur with the tail of a lion. His silver hooves sparkle constantly and he has a unicorn-like horn on his brow. That horn is not made of hair as with most such protuberances, but is purely a thing of light. His long hair grows down his spine and ends in a glistening white mane which, with his pale skin, set off his beautiful green eyes.

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Saryrn - The Mistress of Torment and Pain
Born a woman of striking beauty, she now rules the demi-Plane of Pain - a hot, damp and uncomfortable place with no flat surfaces on which to walk. Instead, the ground is cluttered with small, closely placed stalagmites of smooth obsidian. Saryrn busies herself by spending personal time with those cursed enough to live in her realm. She captures and torments her subjects mentally and physically, and completely at random. The length of their torment before she releases them again is also completely random - based mainly upon her whims. Those who fall into her hands may suffer but a few moments, or for months at a time. All live with the fear that at any time she may choose them as a partner.

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Procerus Zek - The Beholder of Battle
Known as the Beholder of Battle and as a master of strategy, Procerus Zek resides on the Plane of War along with his alter ego Vallon Zek. He is a tall, older-looking, orc-like being who appears to be very wise, with good cause. He wears a set of sturdy steel plate armor without a helm, and carries his famed obsidian war bow.

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Vallon Zek - The Governor of War
Vallon Zek is a master tactician dubbed the Governor of War, and, with his alter ego Procerus Zek, resides on the Plane of War with Rallos Zek. Vallon's manifestation is that of an older, muscular, physically strong male orc-like figure who wears blackened chain covered by an emerald and black cloak. His appearance is that of a regal general at arms, upright and stern, wise and aristocratic. At his belt he bears a silvery saber, which he has been said to wave when explaining tactics to others.

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Vazaelle Kalendae - The Mad
An Erudite by heritage, Vazaelle lived among those who were ousted from Erudin for necromancy. During her lifetime she was a dedicated devout Cazicite, though a combination of religious zeal and prophetic visions stripped from her any semblance of sanity. Lifted up by her deity and given her own domain, the power of her madness shaped her realm into the semblance of old Poena after its destruction. From her realm, Vazaelle occasionally foresees an event in the future of some unsuspecting Ventusian citizen, whose life will change drastically when that event occurs. Depending on the severity of Vazaelle's mental state during the vision, that poor individual will know some degree of madness for the rest of their days, suffering from the touch of Vazaelle the Mad.

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Zebuxoruk - The Forsaken
Zebuxoruk is neither evil nor good. Some legends call him evil and other legends place him on the side of good. The other deities either dislike him or simply couldn't care less about him. Zebuxoruk was at some time a mortal man, and trod upon the surface of Ventus after escaping the Plane of Justice or the Void. Mortality was either something forced upon him or something he may have wished for. Zebuxoruk is known as the Forsaken One, The Disgraced and other such names among the pantheon of deities and heroes of the Outer Planes of Influence.

There is said to be a hidden city on Ventus that honor - not worship - the 'Ungod' Zebuxoruk, something not even he truly cares for. This city has tales of his history both true and false, and the community is mostly comprised of fallen priests, shadowknights, paladins, and any who have been forsaken by their deities and either seek a pathway back or seek true neutrality. It is said that they believe that the deities are more mortal than they think.

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