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2000 years ago- freshman year at Hero's Guild (copied from skype)

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[2000 years ago, EAST ALBION, HEROES' GUILD]
-several new apprentices walk into the Guild grounds-

Ryani: -walks with- So this is my new life.... -sigh-

(-mystical voice- 2000 years ago)
-a couple of apprentices are chasing each in a childish game-

Ryani: -watches- ._.

Megania: -sitting in tree- -loud sigh above ryani-

Ryan: WHOA! -looks up

Megania: hi

Ryani: -walks back slowly- Hey... -walks to a bench- -sits and stares at people-

-a group of Acolytes pass by-

Ryani: -stares at the ground-

Acolyte: Hey you two. -point to Ryani and Megania- If you're going into the Guild do it now. You are not going to make a very good first impression to the Guildmaster if you're going to be late.
-most of the apprentices already inside-

Megania: -jump down- sorry sir. i forgot the time. -run inside-

Ryani: -runs inside-

-Acolyte closes doors behind them-
-mass of apprentices gather at the grounds listening to the Guildmaster welcoming them to the Heroes' Guild-
-mass disperse to a board-

Megania: -stay at back of group- -wait for board to clear-

Ryani: -stares from a corner-

-board contains list of names and following classes assign to each individual-

Ryani: -under breath- Ugh.... -walks up to board and reads-

Megania: -walk to board when other people leave and read-

Antonius, Ryani
East Wing - Advance Fire Magic

Smithion, Megania
East Wing - Advance Water Magic

Ryani: -under breath- advanced...? haven't even passed beginners....darn assassin masters.... -walks off quietly-

Megania: -surprised- advanced? who signed me up for advanced? -walk to east wing- -sigh- i guess ill just try...

[Megania's flashback]
Mom: Daughter I'm signing you up for Advance classes.
Dad: Listen to your mother. This will look good on your transcript.

Note: Easter Egg - Suffragius walks in the background heading to an Inn
[End flashback]

Megania: -remembers- of course...they always get me into advanced... -walk into class-

Ryani: -walks into class- ._. Why me....

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[Adv. Fire]
Acolyte: Alright class I'll be your instructor. Don't piss me off or you'll end up like the last kid who pissed me off last year. -charred remains in a corner- You'll find books under desks there. Turn to Page 194.

Ryani: -gets book and opens quietly-

[Adv. Water]
Acolyte: Hello Class. Please take your seats. There will be a book underneath your seats. Please turn to page 57.

Megania: -take book and open-

[Adv. Fire]
A: Today you brats I'll be teaching you how to properly conjure a ball of fire like this. -large fireball conjure on A's hand-
-some students fearing for their lives b/c they sit at the front-

Ryani: -watches intently-

[Adv. Water]
A: Class I'll be instructing you on the practices of Healing. There is a notebook underneath your seat as well in the event you wish to jot down some notes. -brings out a dead plant-

Megania: -watches very interested-
-thinks- maybe this wont be that bad...

[Adv. Fire]
A: Boys and Girls I expect you to know this. -takes up a chalk and begins writing down some words- That Fireball conjuring is standard in a basis for Fire projectile. I guarantee that if you master this ability then all future will fall neatly into place.

Ryani: .....

[Adv. Water]
A: Watch closely but listen intently.
-hand glows blue slowly healing the dead plant to life- Now the trick is you must maintain concentration. If you falter then the result you might be expecting would not be what you want in the end. Take note that concentration is key.
-dead plant fully revived-

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[Adv. Fire]
A: Now listen here you brats. Here your homework assignment. I want you to study Chapter 10 of Fireball Conjuring and there will be a quiz on this tomorrow. I expect you to know it. Fail and it's detention.

-Bell tolls- -passing period-

A: Class dismiss.

Ryani: -walks out-
-creates a fireball while outside-

[Adv. Water]
A: Now dearies. I would like you to review for the chapter on healing. There will be a test on it a week from today.

-Bell tolls- -passing period-

A: You are dismissed.

Megania: -walk out-
-think- nice teacher

Ryani: -walks to next class while holding fireball-

Megan Smith: -walk to next class- -pass by boy with fireball in hand-

Apprentice: You know it's against the rules to use Will outside of PT. If a Acolyte catches you, you're dead. -continues walking-

Ryani: Mm....
-puts out fireball-
-continues to class-

[Male Locker Room...meep]
-several apprentices change out of their robes and into PT garbs-

Ryani: -changes quickly-

-most leave out to the field-

(if you can help post the rest, i would be grateful)

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[Female Locker Room...meep?!]

Megania: -change and walk to field-

[PT Field]
-an Acolyte standing atop a fence post well-balanced on one foot-
Acolyte: -Drill Sgt Voice- You should see your name tags on the ground...search for your name quickly or I'll have put into the stockade! Move it!

Ryani: -finds name tag-

Megania: -find name tag quickly- -pin on-

Ryani: -looks at it questioningly-

Drill Acolyte: Quickly put your names on yourselves you have 5 seconds to put them on now!

Ryani: -put on-
-apprentices tries to put them on-

DA: 5!...

Ryani: -thinking- Jack Alpha...
-puts on correctly-

DA: 3!...
-looks up see two apprentices having trouble-
-apprentices run up the fields-

Megania: -thinks- wow...im dead

Ryani: -thinks- Idiots...

DA: -looks to the rest of the class- Good evening, ladies. My what a fine selection of I have here. -goes around inspecting the apprentices- -stops in front of a nervous apprentice- Well what's wrong with you. Huh! I asked you a boy. -apprentice nervous- I don't hear no answer. Drop down and give me 30 Push-ups. NOW! -forces apprentice down- -apprentice to do push-ups- -walks back to the front-

Megania: -thinks- crap.............

Ryani: ....

DA: Now Ladies. Who here thinks I'm hard on you? -several apprentices raise their hands- Well nuts. I want the people raising the hands right now to run up that field and run with them boys 5 lap in 10 minutes. If I see any of you walking I'll make you do 50 push-ups you are late. GO!
-apprentices run up-
-a handful of apprentices including Megania and Ryani are left-

Ryani: ...
-watches with haterd-

-another Acolyte walk right next to the Drill Acolyte-

DA: Does anyone have any objections they would like to voice?!
-no one speaks-
DA: I thought so...

Ryani: ..

DA: -turns to Acolyte next to him- Sir all of the weak have been removed and are ready for your further instructions.

Megania: -wided eyed-

Ryani: -looks on...silently-

A: Thank you, Drill Sgt. I want you to look after the weak over yonder field and have them reach the standards of these fine ladies and gentlemen here. If they have reach the necessary requirements to return, transfer them back to the class. That is all. You are dismissed.

Megania: -expression returns to normal-

DA: -turns around and walks up to the fields to SUPERVISE...the defects-

Ryani: ....

A: -walks to the front, faces class- You are at ease.

Megania: -at ease, but still silent-

A: Now I want an honest answer. Who here thought that was scary?
-barely anyone raise their hands-

Megania: -barely raised hand-

Ryani: -raises hand slowly-

A: Come on don't be shy. Let's see those hands.

Ryani: -anger seething in mind-

-rest of class raised hands-

A: Alright put them down. -class puts down raised hands-

Ryani: -puts down-

A: Alright who here knows why you didn't fail to break under pressure when the DA was inspecting you. Anybody?

Megania: -raised hand-

A: Yes you. -points at Megania-

Megania: i was too scared of him. i didnt want to bring attention to myself. -quiet voice-

Ryani: ....

A: I'm sorry what was that. Speak up I can't hear over the DA
-constant background noise DA: Boy you better start running before I jam this foot up your- yelling.

Megania: -louder- i was too scared of him. i didnt want to bring attention to myself.

A: I see. That's a good answer. Anyone else?

Ryani: ...
-just stares silently-

A: -looks at Ryani- -walks over to Ryani- -stops in front- Now I know you must know something. Go on. Speak your mind.

Ryan: ....
-looks away-
Just be angry at him
and meddle with thoughts
but never voice out loud

Megania: -thinks- whats his problem...?

Ryani: -angry tears in eyes from surpressed anger-

A: What's that? Now I want you to look me in the eye and say that to my face.
Crying ain't going to help you boy.

Ryani: -looks directly at the Acolyte-
Just be angry
and meddle with your thoughts
but also be prepared to answer
in a controlled voice
The anger controls intimidation
but must be maintained

A: Is that all?

Ryani: Otherwise
impulsive actions shall affect the being
That is all...Acolyte
-continues staring-

A: Hmm. -nods agreeingly- That's a pretty good answer, but not what I'm looking for. -walks back to the front- Come on fellas. Think. Now I know that you must have learned something from your last class.

Ryani: -thinking-
Do not speak until spoken to?

-apprentice don't even know what to say-
-apprentices are clueless-

A: Hmm...no not what I'm looking for.
-looks at Megania- Surely you must know something.

Megania: pay attention and do things promptly?

A: No.

Ryani: Learn from the mistakes of others

A: -looks at other apprentices- Good Gods. Are these two the only ones that have reasonably enough answers? -no one answers...obviously- Oh my Gods.
And no that's not the answer.

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