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Ager Crusader Factions

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1Ager Crusader Factions Empty Ager Crusader Factions on Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:37 pm

Ager Crusader Factions Hospit12
The Knights Hospitalier used many variations on this cross as their crest.

Knights Hospitalier
Religion: Romalian Pantheon
Nationality: Gallian
Location: Ager Poor District

The Knights Hospitalier also known as Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Filiolus of Itero and of Multi, Order of St. John, Knights of Multi, and Chevaliers of Multi, was one of the Northern orders with the Third Crusade; the Knights Templar being another. Their emblem was a white cross, often on a black background. The Knight Hospitalier were founded in the city of Filiolus to provide care for poor, sick or injured pilgrims to the Holy Land, but became a much more militaristic organization with the onset of the Crusades.

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Ager Crusader Factions Knight10
A Knight Hospitalier

In 1191 the Knights Hospitalier held a significant presence in the poor district of the recently conquered city of Ager. The Grand Master of the Order, Garnier de Naplouse, personally oversaw the districts hospital, and it was here that he experimented on his "patients" with varying concoctions of herbs and drugs to facilitate total obedience.

As well as military aspect of the Order, the Knights Hospitalier continued to function in a non-combatant role; numerous Hospitalier monks could be found in the city, preaching to and aiding the local population.

Ager Crusader Factions AssassinsCreed_KeeperOfThe8Virtues
Banner of the Hospitaliers

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Ager Crusader Factions Teuton10
The Knights Teutonic used many variations of this cross as their crest.

Knights Teutonic
Religion: Romalian Pantheon
Nationality: Germinian
Location: Ager Middle District

The Teutonic Knights are Germinian Romalian Pantheistic crusaders that are positioned in the middle district of Ager. Being a part the Crusaders, Knight Teutonic are basically trusted with the task of guarding the city of Ager. The Knights Teutonic, also known as Order of the Germinia House of St. Mary in Filiolus, was formed at the end of the 12th century in Ager itself.

They were a feared and highly disciplined force, but were infiltrated by the Templars. After the Crusades they went on to Pantheonize north-east Halkeginia.

Ager Crusader Factions AssassinsCreed_KeeperOfTheBlackCross
Banner of the Teutons

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Ager Crusader Factions Crusad10
The prancing lion is the crest of the Crusaders.

Religion: Pantheistic
Nationality: Albionion, Gallian, Germinian
Location: Regnum; Ager

The Crusaders is a coalition army of numerous monastic/military Pantheistic knights who have declared war and set out on a Crusade to the Holy Land, aiming to forcefully reclaim it from the Paganic Saracens in the name of Pantheism. Their leader is the King of Albion, Uber Leopectus. They appear in the city of Ager, Regnum, and Arsuf. The coalition is composed of Crusader Knightly Orders such as: Knights Templar, Knights Hospitalier, and Teutonic Knights.

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In Battle
Low Ranking Soldier

The lowest ranking soldiers are the most common Crusaders, having no complicated armor. They are dressed in red and white, and speak English. The Low Ranking Crusaders cannot grab, counter, or dodge an Assassin (only blocking with their sword), cannot break grabs, and are dispatched easily. These soldiers can be killed by just one sword/short blade counter, in which an Assassin will end up impaling the soldier, instead of just throwing him away from himself. Of course, like most guards, these soldiers can be killed with just one Hidden Blade counter. Low Ranking Soldiers are also known to be frightened the most during battle, especially when an Assassin pulls off intense moves. Because of this, they will usually either run away after their comrades are slain, or get on their knees and beg for mercy. The quickest way of doing this is killing their higher ranked compatriots.

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Middle Ranking Soldier

The middle ranking soldiers are the second most common types of Crusaders. They speak Gallian or Germinian. These soldiers have some armor worn (heavy chain mail with Plate armor, vambraces and shoulder badges), unlike their lower counterparts and seem to have a degree of combat experience. Because of this, they are harder to kill, and may take a few more hits, unless the Assassin is using the Hidden Blade to counter. These soldiers can grab an Assassin by his robe and throw him, making them a much more deadly adversary than low ranking soldiers. If an Assassin continuously slashes at these foes, they will either counter or dodge him, and can either follow up the dodge by rushing back with a sword slash, or just staying back. These soldiers can also tolerate one sword or short blade counter, though a second one (or a single hidden blade counter) should prove successful. An Assassin can try to grab these soldiers, but there is a chance they will break his grab, and the Assassin will end up on the floor. These soldiers can still run away if frightened, but are less likely to than the lower class soldiers.

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Ager Crusader Factions Crusader
A high ranking soldier a.k.a. Crusader Commander

High Ranking Soldier

These high ranking soldiers are the least common types of Crusaders (excluding the Templars). These soldiers also wear red and white, but the prancing lion on their chest is gold instead of white and red. Also, their uniform is longer than the low and middle ranking soldiers and they have additional armor (such as chain mail), and a knight's helm. Like the middle-ranker, they speak Gallian or Germinian. They are easily the strongest soldiers, excluding the Templar Knights. They are usually found leading a small troop of lesser soldiers on patrol. These soldiers can take two counters before dying or a single Hidden Blade counter. Skilled in counterattacks, there is a very high chance for an Assassin's slashes to be countered, usually ending up with the Assassin being struck across the face and knocked to the ground. These soldiers also have a large chance of breaking grabs, and dodging attacks. These soldiers rarely flee from battle, usually fighting to the death.

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Ager Crusader Factions Knight11
Templar Knight

Templar Knight

This section deals specifically with the enemy type found in the Crusader Army. For information on the Knights Templar as a faction, see Knights Templar

The toughest non-boss unit that is found in the world. The Templar Knight's armor is similar to the High Ranking Crusader Soldier (see above) except that they possess Plate Mail Greaves, wear a Templar tunic, and most of the time sport bloodstains on their helms and swords. Templars speaks all three Crusader dialects (Albionian, Gallian, and Germinian) and a few have even been caught speaking Auroran. There are sixty Templar Knights lurking in secluded spots throughout the entirety of Outremer (besides Masyaf), and are even spotted in and around Saracen cities. They are very hostile and will attack on sight. While usually found alone, the fight can easily attract extra guards, which can possibly ruin a mission. The Templar Knight is not much more durable than a high ranking soldier, but is more aggressive and will counter most grabs and attacks. Three counters are needed to finish a fight, but if the Templar ends up on the floor, the Hidden Blade can finish him with a single strike. A Hidden Blade can oftentimes also be used right at the beginning of the battle if you're quick, as the first thing the Templar Knight will do when he sees you is taunt you, presenting a small window of opportunity for an instant kill straightaway. When confronted by a Templar, other guards can possibly give room for the duel, though the Templar will never flee.

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