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Mother of Dragons

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1Mother of Dragons Empty Mother of Dragons on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:45 pm

modern name: Megan Smith
latin name: Megania Smithion
also known as "Mother of Dragons"
and to those who arent friends and want to be killed: any version of short...*
my element is water and im a Hero.
my soul twin is Janessa, the wind mage.
the reason im known as the Mother of Dragons is because-with the help of other people, mostly Suffragius's-i helped the dragon population grow and thrive. the head of the research department wanted to destroy them but Suffragius and I helped transport all the dragons to a realm where humans could not bother or discover them. there is two entrances and only Suffragius, the dragons, and I know where they are.
i have two young dragons with me for now. A green, male, wind dragon named Fastion and a blue, female, water dragon named Saphira.
I fight with Vigilis** over hand-made chocolate mostly.
Suffragius and I are in a relationship...he's my fiance and the ring he gave me has part of his soul (very dangerous to split your soul, dont try it unless you know what you're doing...) and can heal me even if im seriously wounded. The ring can even summon Suffragius in spirit if i have need of him.

if i forgot anything let me know...
weapons- i havent recieved my final and ultimate weapons yet...

*inside joke between the Five, especially between Suffragius and Megania/ Francis and Megan
**see Ryani-fire Hero/retired Assassin

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