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Archives Section II District house the knowledge of prophecies and written manuscripts of recovered scrolls excavated by scholars traveling around the world.

Feel free to make an addition to the Section. We look forward to viewing it.

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The Prophecy of Albion

On the first day of the second moon of the Thirteenth Age, a dark spirit shall engulf the land in complete darkness.

Albion shall fall and its champions dead. Chaos and anarchy shall rule for centuries to come.

Its people shall suffer under the reign of evil. Its cities far and wide shall be brought to ruin and those who are prideful and refuse to bow down shall be laid low and made into dust.

Its influence will spread demanding all to worship it as a god. His armies dispatched killing all who refuse to embrace the darkness.

On the seventh century of evil's reign five heroes will rise to battle evil and return the land to the Age of Light.

Five heroes whose origins unknown but whose destinies intertwined. From that day forth Albion's fate shall rest on the last of this ancient bloodline.

The combine might of the Holy Spirits of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Light shall meet face to face when their time begins.

Under the reign of light, order restored brought forth by the Heroes of Elements. The people of Albion shall stand unimpeded.

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The Dark One

By night first light a dark figure appeared clad in darkness and whose aura is as sinister as The Demon himself. His anger knows no bounds and his destructive power unimaginable. He has no master for he kills them if they so do. Not even The Demon himself can command such power as the Gods' power is nullified. He is the very embodiment of raw power, a precursor to The Demon created before the creation of The Void.

He is the first one, said to be the creator of all even the Gods themselves. When he is happy he creates life, when he is angry he destroys it, when he is pleased he creates deities, when he is betrayed he erases their existence.

Though he has no master to be commanded he has one that his willing to have as one. Legends speak of a medium created in his image to serve as a pathway between him and his creations. It was said that the vessel had the mark of a black dragon with red eyes, the seal of him, on the left arm.

It was said that he descended from a race of beings long extinct to better themselves toward perfection. A being of perfection is a being with an absolute understanding of everything in its entirety. A being of free will to either create a better universe or destroy it all together and create anew.

Recollections of witnesses have put in account that the Dark One is well verse in the dark arts of the darkness and able to manifest himself as a being of shadow and control mass armies of minions of the Realm of Shadows.

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The Origins of A Religious War

Two factions motivated by a false religion to fight over a Holy City. Millions are assembled, manipulated to wage war.

Soldiers of the Cross and defenders of the Moon fought over common ground on which we Ancients have walked upon.

We who created Humanity in our image however imbued them with free will. But the others of our kind wished to enslave them. They've used them as slaves to build our great Empires.

There were five of us who watched in disgust of our their brethren take advantage of how our creations view us.

Though we merely just came before their primitive minds could not comprehend our civilization, our technology, our existence so they revered us Gods.

As centuries go by the five of us enacted an uprising rally our creations to fight against our kind. Since we are their creators then we shall be their protectors against the malignant agenda our own people.

We discovered a few among us were against the initial enslavement so we rally together to overthrow our fallen brothers and sisters.

We fought to preserve our creations, but our creations now fight to obtain power over themselves and to rule over others' inferiority.

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Love and War

War. Horrifying to the untrained eye but an exciting experience for battle harden veterans. The Empire of Aschen encroaches upon the country of Albion. The people are killed or enslaved.

The Royal Army of Albion responds with a force of 20,000 and meet against the Aschen. Albion's Prime Minister enlists the aid of Heroes of the Heroes' Guild.

The country of Gallia for fear of Albion's defeat send troops of 30,000. Tristain wishes to stay out of war.

At the end of the first year of the war, a diplomatic envoy of two Heroes and One Assassin meet at the capital city of Tristain, Tristainia, with the Headmaster and the Queen of Tristain in continuing peace among the foreign nations.


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Passage of the Winged Beasts

To open the Gate
Find the keys
Five are needed
Plus three

Seek the Oracle of Past Events
Found among the ruins of the Ancients' Lament
Venture within their Holy City
Enter the Archives of Ancients duplicity

Sing the chorus of Ancients old
Stories once said now foretold
The coming of five Ancients first
The ending of one for life's rebirth

Enter the Chamber of Creation
Seek the Oracle of Life and Death
Search for the Scroll of Ancients' Domain
There you find the Oracle of Leth

Ask for the knowledge of the five keys
Offer a tribute worthy of what you seek
Beware of the dangers of Archives depths
For it is sentient to take what it favors.

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