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Janessa (aka Fuyuhana)

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1Janessa (aka Fuyuhana) Empty Janessa (aka Fuyuhana) on Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:44 am

Name: Janessa

Occupation: wind mage


Megan (soul twin/best friend)
Suffragius de Le (Leader/Meg's beau)
Ryani-fire (friend)


Brief Description:

I'm still pretty new to HAM, but thanks to "mother of dragons" I catch on quick. Currently I'm a wind mage in training so if you some how, oh I don't know, frustrate me, tornados and hurricanes will come along very soon. Also, with my new powers growing and my magic becoming unstable, the guild and I need to find me a teacher thanks to the vision i had of my "mother bird" and the growth of wings on my back. So until I develop my powers more there's no knowing of what kind of weapons, armor, or summon i have. So wait and see.

So until then my friends. I must head back to the guild.

See Ya!!


Anime Pop Quiz

Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Throughout the YGO series (Duel Monsters/GX/5DS) name three specific similarities that the main characters (Yugi/Jaden/Yusei) share with each other?



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