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The Codex of Altaïr

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26The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:42 am

The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Zw-codex-25
Maria Thorpe

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27The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:45 am

I have the answer now. I know the truth. I shall not touch that wretched thing again. Best that no one do, now or ever. I have tried - at last - to destroy it, but it will neither bend nor break nor melt. Oh the irony - I am certain if I asked, the Apple would tell me what need be done. But even this promise is insufficient. Always it holds one more gift to give. I must refrain. So it shall be sealed. We will take it to the island - once theirs, now ours. There is a treasury there - hidden well - and it shall have to suffice. Risky to separate myself from the artifact that others may discover it. Riskier still to keep it close. In time I will be tempted. I am weak. We all are. Who wouldn't be? Oh, the things I have seen... The tale is here - inside the text. Not between the lines but beneath them. Where only our eyes might peer. Go and see it for yourself. That you might succeed where I and the others have failed. Time marches on - bringing with it new discoveries and developments. And so at least one day the doorway might be opened and the message delivered. They will have their prophet.

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28The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:47 am

We are growing larger. More make their way to our fortresses every day. Men and women. Young and old. From different lands. Of different faiths. Each tells a similar story - of having discovered the first part of our creed: that nothing is true.
Too often, though, the revelation undoes them. They lose their morality, certainty, security. Many are driven mad. We must guide them. Help them to heal. Their minds must not be filled with more fairy tales, but with knowledge instead. Let them have answers - and let those answers be difficult and complex. Such is life.

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29The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:03 am

The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Codex_13
Hidden Gun
Success! We have found a way to alter the structure of the hidden blade so that it can be used to launch small projectiles. It is capable of grievous damage - even from great distance. I confess, the means by which I came about the discovery was... risky to say the least. But I have found that in small doses, and with a focused mind, the Apple can be used without ill effect. Or so I hope.
The knowledge of projectile combat is not new to us, having been observed amongst our Eastern neighbors. But their weapons were much larger - and insufficient for our needs. I have now found a way to miniaturize their designs, embedding their fiery weapon into a form that can be worn on the wrist.
We have also refined the formula for combustible powder, such that common ingredients might be used. This is a dangerous bit of knowledge and it is best shared with only our closest allies...

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30The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:20 am

A dark tide rises to the east - an army of such size and power that all the land is made quick to worry. Their leader is a man named Jemutin, who has adopted the title Ganis Kan. He sweeps across the lands, conquering and subsuming all who stand in his way. Whatever his motives, he must be stopped. Were I younger, I might attempt to undertake this work in secret - as I suspect the presence of a Piece of Eden. But those days are years gone, now. The mantle must be passed. It is time she and I spoke with our sons. We will travel there together, that they may be tested and that this threat might be stopped.

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31The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:32 am

Soon I shall pass from this world. It is my time. All the hours of the day are now colored by the thoughts and fears borne of this realization. I know that the elements of my body will return to the Earth. But what of my consciousness? My identity? That is to say - what of ME? I suspect it will end. That there is no next world. Nor a return to this one. It will simply be done. Forever.
Our lives are so brief and unimportant. The cosmos cares nothing for us. For what we've done; Had we wrought evil instead of good. Had I chosen to abuse the Apple instead of seal it away. None of it would have mattered. There is no counting. No reckoning. No final judgment. There is simply silence. And darkness. Utter and absolute... And so I have begun to wonder - might there not be a way to stop - or at least delay - death's embrace? Surely the ones who came before were not so frail and feeble as we. But I have sworn to be done with the artifact. To not gaze into its core. Still: faced as I am with the prospect of my end, what harm is there in one last look...

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32The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:53 am

The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Codex_11
Eagle Vision reveals Codex Wall to contain a map.

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33The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Empty Re: The Codex of Altaïr on Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:57 am

The Codex of Altaïr - Page 2 Map_eagle_vision
Clear version of the map.

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