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Assassins Assass10

Nationalities: Multiple
Location: Worldwide

"We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are Assassins."
―Niccolò Machiavelli

The Assassins, also known as the Assassins Order, Assassins Brotherhood and Hashshashin, were an organized order of assassins who fought a continuous secret war with the Knights Templar for over two-thousand years. Whereas the Templars strive for power by controlling the people, The Assassin Order struggles to ensure the survival of free will, as it is what allows for the progression of new ideas and the growth of individuality. The Assassins, if not the order itself, had existed since at least 456 BC, throughout the Roman era, the Third Crusade, the Renaissance, and to the present times.

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The Order
"Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine
("Nothing is true, everything is permitted" in Arabic)"

―The Assassin's Creed

The order believed in a strong set of values that strictly governed their way of life, the Creed, which consisted of three tenets:

1. "Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent."
2. "Hide in plain sight, be one with the crowd".
3. "Never compromise the Brotherhood".

These tenets permeated every aspect of the Assassins' daily life, as well as their fight for "peace in all things". The Assassins carried out their duties through political strategic assassination, in the hope that killing one individual, would lead to the salvation of thousands. The assassins believe that they fight on behalf of those who do not possess the abilities, resources, or knowledge to speak out against those who abuse their power.

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Despite their service to those who would otherwise suffer, the Assassins were still feared by the general populous, due mainly to their method of ensuring peace. The Assassins were most feared due to their terrifying reputation for taking life in public places before many witnesses – done so as to bring fear into the hearts of those who might abuse their power or corrupt the innocent – before vanishing into the crowd without a trace. To assist in this, the assassins used a particularly efficient weapon for assassinations: the hidden blade, a single thrust from which could end the life of its victim.

However, in order to ascertain which death might best assist the assassins' goals, extensive political knowledge was a must have, and so the assassins remained always in tune with the ever-changing politics surrounding them. Obtaining the information was the job of low-level members of the Order, who would be stationed throughout the cities of the world; these spies would watch the local nobles and rulers, looking for signs of corruption or membership in the Knights Templar. Once gathered, any information was passed on to the assassins' who were responsible for the execution of the assassination.

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The assassins spent their entire lifetime training to kill. From an early age they were taught to observe their surroundings and plan ahead; combat was a must and its training was continuous, with a focus on bladed weapons of all sorts being their expertise. However, despite such a focus on combat, the greatest consideration in the assassins' training was concealment; stealth was the greatest weapon of the assassin and everything about their life, the clothes they wore, where they lived, even how they walked emphasized a devotion to concealment. It was the duty of an assassin to reach their target and stand beside them, before they struck, and sink away into the crowd.

The other significant focus of an assassins training was maneuverability. By the time an assassin reached the rank of Master Assassin, he was also a master of an early form of parkour widely utilized by the assassins. Widely seen as alien and naive by the general populous, this method of movement allowed the assassins to reach areas not normally accessible to man. From scaling a wall to climbing to one of a city's many view points, parkour gave the assassins a significant advantage over the average city guard.

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Assassins AssassinGuard
A combat instructor, wearing similar robes to other high ranked Assassin guard in Masyaf.

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Assassins AssassinInformant
An Assassin informant.

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The Third Crusade

In 1191, during the Third Crusade, the Syrian branch of the Assassins Order was centered in the fortress of Masyaf, deep within the kingdom of the Holy Land. Led by Al Mualim, the assassins battled with the Templars and their leader, Robert de Sable, over ideologies and the means with which to accomplish them. It is during the Third Crusade that the assassins learnt of a Templar interest in an ancient artifact hidden within the catacombs of Solomon's Temple and decided to keep it from their grasps; the mission was a success, although a costly one. With the death of one assassin and the arrival of the Templar army at the gates of Masyaf, the assassins proceeded to literally crush most of the Templar army under a concealed onslaught of rolling logs, before driving the Templars from the village below.

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Following the assault, the assassin blamed for the loss of life that day – Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad – was severely reprimanded, and then tasked with removing nine influential individuals who plagued the Holy Land with their corrupt rule. As Altaïr made his way down the list, made up of both Crusader and Saracen individuals, the revelation that their goal – to bring peace to the people of the Holy Land – was just, unsettled him greatly, as he felt his victims were "misguided perhaps but pure in motive". This was a view shared by Al Mualim, who agreed with their goals, but felt their attitude of "the end justifies the means" undermined the good they sought to ensure. As his mission progressed, Altaïr sought to know what bound his victims together, and the realization that they were all Templars only served to reinforce the assassins’ determination to bring an end to the Templar plot.

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By the end of the year the assassins' were victorious over their Templar enemies; Robert de Sable, Grand Master of the Knights Templar was dead, however the treachery of one of their own had also hit the assassin order hard. Al Mualim, Grand Master of the Order of Assassins, and a former member of a coalition of ten Templar leaders, was revealed to be a traitor, and killed by the very man he had sent to eliminate his fellow Templar conspirators. With Al Mualim dead, Altaïr took over as Grand Master of the Order, leading the assassins in their attempts to rebuild their strength following the costly conflict.

Eventually, it was decided that the Piece of Eden was too great a threat to keep in Masyaf, and the decision was made to keep it on the island of Cupressus, in the Limassol archives. However, following the liberation of the island from its Templar rulers, the Piece was kept by Altaïr until at least he completed his fabled Codex.

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"In this modern age, we are not as literal as our ancestors; but our seal is no less permanent…"
―Mario Auditore

The Order continued to thrive, despite being forced to adopt an even more secretive and isolated existence. During the time period known as the Renaissance, the Assassin Order had apparently "gone underground". The reason for this is explained inside the Codex pages, where Altaïr states that even though the Templar Order was served a crushing defeat in the Holy Land and Cupreesus, they still survived in more inconspicuous ways. As such, Altaïr believed that the Assassins too had to change tactics so as to live on.

Having abandoned the fortress of Masyaf, the Assassins spread out across the Sanoatroxean world, taking up residence in places like northern Romalia and Gallia while others went in search of a new world to the west; however, the Templars too had done as much, head-quartering themselves in Roma. By 1321 the Assassin's Order had successfully integrated itself into modern day life of northern Romalia, widely unknown to the average folk. That same year a young sailor by the name of Domenico, the son of an Assassin, was apprenticed to the poet Dante Alighieri, also an Assassin, who was transporting the Codex of Altaïr from Advenio to Gallia. During the voyage, pirates under the employ of the Templars ambushed the ship looking for the Codex, as well killing the wife of Domenico. Fortunately for the Assassins, Domenico had managed to break apart the Codex and hide it from the pirates before he and his son were forced overboard.

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Eventually returning to Advenio, Domenico found his father and his patron, Proficiscor Polo, an ally of the Assassins, dead. So Domenico emptied the accounts of Messer Polo and traveled to the city of Floreo under the assumed name of Auditore; eventually constructing the Auditore Villa in the city of Monteriggioni, which became the centre of the Assassin's Order in Romalia.

Despite the order "modernising" since the 12th Century, they still retained many of the rituals and practices, albeit altered. The practice of removing ones ring finger had as such been removed, although the seal of the Order was branded upon the finger instead; such was the induction of Ezio Auditore da Incendia in 1487. Although significantly fewer in number, the Assassins were supported by the courtesans, thieves and latrunculus of Floreo and Advenio; the guilds of which were each run by a member of the Order.

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During this time period, the Assassins entered another period of increased hostilities with the Templars, who were attempting to overthrow the ruling House of Rememdium in Floreo, and the Doge of Advenio. Having already killed the Duke of Milan in 1476, Rodrigo Borgia – the Grand Master of the Knights Templars – brought the noble families of Pazzi, Barbarus and Orsi together, to accomplish his goals. Entering into conflict with the assassins, Borgia dealt a crippling blow to the Order of Assassins in 1476, when he executed the experienced warrior Giovanni Auditore da Incendia and his two sons, Foedero and Petruccio, although a third son, Ezio, managed to escape. With the aid of Ezio, the Assassins were able to counter Borgia's plot over a twenty-three year campaign, defeating him at every turn.

In 1487, the Order of Assassins learned that the Templars had retrieved an important artifact from the island of Cupreesus, and deemed its capture necessary. Following the artifact from L'Arsenale di Advenio, Ezio managed to overpower and replace the Templar guard carrying the artifact. Under this guise, Ezio met with Borgia himself and the two engaged in battle; Borgia fled upon the arrival of the assassins, and the artifact fell once again into the hands of the assassins. The assassins of this age however, were unaware of the nature of the artifact, although they did recognize it as one of the Pieces of Eden mentioned within Altaïr's Codex.

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