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The Waterfall-Where Earth, Wind, and Water connect

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Megania was sitting on the rock next to the waterfall. She needed a break from the Hero's Guild and everyone in it. Thankfully though, it was a vacation time for about 3 weeks and no one there knew where her secret waterfall was.
The wind was blowing, stirred up from the falling water, making her long hair-taken out of the braid she wore at Hero's Guild- blow behind her.
Feeling tired, she rose and walked to the hill next to the fall and found her special resting place, where a person her height could be the only one that could fit and rest comfortably.
Laying down, she fell asleep, never knowing she shared her special place with someone else.

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Katrina made her way to the waterfall's base.
She carrys a bow and multiple swords hidden by her cloak. Her dark hair frames her face, making her look dangerous.
She looks at the waterfall for quite some time before venturing towards the cliff.
Katrina climbs up in no time, used to climbing up the cliff. She stands at the edge, looking over the hills and fields. She closes her eyes breathing in and out before going into the forest to climb into her secret tree to rest.

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