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Suffragius de Le, Grand Master of the Hashshashin

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I am Suffragius de Le. I am the Grand Master of the Hashshashin, the Order of Assassins. I was born in Occasus, commonly known as 'The West'. I am able to utilize the element of Light. My affiliation and occupation is an Assassin of Occasus not to be confuse with those amateurs of those makeshift Guild of Assassins of Albion. I am able to blend into my surroundings using light(e.g. sunlight, moonlight, etc.). I share a intimate relationship with my beloved Megania as she's my fiance and have a deep understanding and close friendship with my people of Occasus. As one of the five I share a deep telepathic and psychic network with the rest of the Five. I am the elected leader of the Five and my allegiance lie not only to my Order but to the welfare and protection of the People of The World of Old. Careful when you walk the night for I will always watch the our creations of the Light.

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" - Hassan-i Sabbah
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